Hoagies for everyone

It’s important to us that everyone can enjoy the best hoagies in town.

That’s why we take extra care to ensure both our stores and our website are accessible to everyone, regardless of ability or physical challenges.

If you require special accommodations, or have a request that can help make our stores or website more accessible, please contact us and let us know. Our customers are our family and we’ll do everything we can to ensure you continue enjoying your favorite hoagies.

ATTENDANCE/TARDY (Follows company’s policies. Serves as role model)

LEADERSHIP (Ability to take charge. Coaches, motivates, and develops others. Serves as role model)

COMMUNICATION (Speaks and writes in a clear and concise manner as related to the job)

CUSTOMER SERVICE (Has good customer service and excels at resolving customer issues)

SCHEDULE (Properly schedules staff schedule and disseminates it to employees in a timely manner)

ASSIGNS WORK (Delegates duties using Operation Manual and checklist in a fair manner without favoritism)

CLEANLINESS (Leads by example to keep store clean using the tidy list)

PRESENT (Always present and available during shift)

SHIFTS (Works variety of shifts - open, mid, close - and works their scheduled hours)